Allied Health Major (ALH)

An interdisciplinary major in allied health helps prepare students to work in a career in the growing healthcare field. Students will learn hands-on skills and how to interact with patients at the foundational level in a variety of populations and diversities. The major provides students additional knowledge, skills, and interprofessional education that will advance their career mobility in the healthcare setting. Graduates of this major commonly attend graduate school in an allied health field.

Graduates of the Allied Health major will demonstrate:

  • A basic understanding of the physiological, anatomical, and mechanical foundations of movement;
  • A basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology;
  • Foundational knowledge pertaining to the subdisciplines and career areas associated with kinesiology
  • The fundamental understanding of nutrition as it applies across the lifespan;
  • A basic understanding of research techniques used in the field of kinesiology and health;
  • Foundational knowledge in orthopedic examination,
  • Foundational knowledge in clinical assessment;
  • Essential patient care skills and techniques; and
  • Cultural competence and effective communication strategies pertaining to the healthcare industry.


Program Contact: Associate Professor Karla Francioni

Core Courses42 hours
Allied Courses12 hours
Elective Courses6 hours

Elective Courses

Complete 6 hours from the courses below.  At least one course must be outside the KHS department and at least one course must be upper level. 

Note: Students may also choose from the list of Allied Courses, though a course cannot count toward both Allied and Elective Courses.

Item #
Credit Hour(s)
Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)
Total credits: