Healthcare Administration Major (HCA)

The BUA department strives to prepare students to take their place in society and to thrive in whatever roles they choose. The successful student who completes the Healthcare Administration major will be skilled in combining compassion and caring for people with principled business leadership.

The successful student who completes the program will:

  • be able to analyze problems and demonstrate the ability to formulate appropriate solutions using business concepts and/or models in a healthcare context;
  • be able to communicate business concepts and analysis of healthcare issues effectively;
  • demonstrate basic knowledge (vocabulary and core concepts) of the functional areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing;
  • demonstrate knowledge of content (vocabulary, concepts, and widely used models) of the healthcare industry.

All majors require a senior comprehensive experience.  Healthcare Administration majors complete their comprehensive experience as part of BUA 457.  Students complete a written exam during this course which is assessed along with the Comprehensive Business Exam standardized test to create BUA comprehensive comp score.  The Department Chair will report the results of the comprehensive experience to the student and the Office of the Registrar.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science (BS)
Program Contact: Assistant Professor Tiffany Schuster
Core Courses42 hours
Allied Courses9 hours
Total credits: