Pre-Pharmacy 3-4 Program

The Pre-Pharmacy 3-4 program at Georgetown College enables students to receive two degrees: a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in Biochemistry from Georgetown College, and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the University of Kentucky.  Students complete their foundational coursework at Georgetown College in six (6) semesters, with small classes and personalized instruction, before transitioning to the UK Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.   If a student attends other schools of pharmacy after graduation from Georgetown College, please be advised that no special arrangements have been made with other educational institutions.

Entering the Program: Any student planning to pursue the Pre-Pharmacy 3-4 program should contact the Georgetown College Program Coordinator before the end of their first semester at Georgetown College. 

Admission to the University of Kentucky: To be eligible, students must have a completed a minimum of 72 credit hours, and fulfilled, qualitatively and quantitatively, the requirements of the pre-pharmacy three-year program of Georgetown College. The student makes formal application for admission to the University of Kentucky Doctor of Pharmacy program prior to the established deadline. The student must also meet the quantitative and qualitative requirements for admission as a professional student to the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy as determined through application, interview, criminal background check, and drug screening.  The student must also meet with the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy (UKCOP) Pre-Pharmacy Advisor at least once each academic year during the three undergraduate academic years leading to submitting the UKCOP application for admission to ensure that the student is completing the appropriate pre-requisite courses in sequence to facilitate possible admission to UKCOP.

General Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive a degree from Georgetown College, students must:

  • Satifsy the UK College of Pharmacy Pre-Pharmacy coursework at Georgetown College*
  • Satisfy the Nexus program requirement
  • Satisfy the Georgetown College Foundations and Core requirements.
  • Complete all requirements for the degree at the University of Kentucky
  • Have the final University of Kentucky transcript sent back to the Office of the Registrar at Georgetown College and apply for Georgetown College graduation

*All requirements for the Biochemistry major will be met upon finishing the coursework below. To complete both the Biochemistry major and the pre-pharmacy requirements, pre-pharmacy students may take BIO311 General Microbiology in place of BIO337 Cell Biology, and BIO305/305L Human Physiology I (including lab) in place of BIO325 Genetics and Molecular Biology. Also, CHE327 Medicinal Chemistry may satisfy an upper level CHE course requirement.

Program Contact: Professor Todd Hamilton
UK College of Pharmacy Pre-Pharmacy Coursework58 hours
Additional Coursework16 hours
PHARMD Program Accepted Coursework

Additional Coursework

The following courses are required to complete the Biochemistry major and will allow the student to meet the minimum hours required for admission to UK.

Item #
Credit Hour(s)
Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

PHARMD Program Accepted Coursework

PHR 911 Cells and Molecules (3 Hours) – accepted as CHE343 Lipid Biochemistry

PHR 912 Foundations in Pharmaceutical Sciences I (3 Hours) – accepted as CHE327 Medicinal Chemistry

PHR 921 Kinetics and Dynamics (4 hours) – accepted as CHE332 Physical Chemistry II

PHR 945 Leadership in Pharmacy (3 Hours) – accepted as CHE450 and CHE451 Seminar I and II


PHR 922 Foundations in Pharmaceutical Science II: Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (3 Hours)

PHR 926 Integrated Drugs and Disease I: Infectious Diseases (2-4 Hours)

PHR 936  Integrated Drugs and Diseases 2: Neurology (4 Hours)

PHR 937 Integrated Drugs and Diseases 3: Rheumatology (2 Hours)

Total Transferred Hours = 24-26 Hours

Total credits: