Biochemistry ACS-Certified Major (BCH)

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary major appropriate for students who plan to go to health professional programs (such as medical, dental, veterinary, or pharmacy school) or to graduate studies in Biochemistry. 

Current students and graduates will

  • demonstrate a core of knowledge in inorganic, organic, biological, analytical, and physical chemistry
  • demonstrate basic laboratory skills and the ability to select and utilize appropriate instrumentation to conduct scientific investigations and analyses
  • communicate competently, in the form of an oral presentation, the results of literature research and laboratory experimentation.
  • understand the major concepts and developments at the interface of chemistry and biology
  • demonstrate laboratory skills and the ability to utilize and select instrumentation specific to biochemical investigations
Degree Type: Bachelor of Science (BS)
Program Contact: Assistant Professor Amanda Hughes
No minor required.
Core Courses58 hours
Allied Courses14 hours
Total credits: