History Major (HIS)

History involves the study of most aspects of the human experience over time — politics, social life, cultural developments, military affairs, diplomacy, ethnicity, technology, economics, religion, literature, and so much more. It is a story of real people and how they responded to change, choice, or conflict. Studying the past offers us a valuable perspective for understanding our own time. Students in the history department learn valuable skills- how to do research, analyze evidence, put issues in proper context, and communicate in a clear and coherent way- that can be used in many different contexts. Internships and study abroad represent examples of the ways students can learn more outside the college classroom. In short, the history department prepares students to do well in the wider world.

History majors will complete requirements for the major — including producing and defending a primary research paper — in a timely fashion while meeting departmental standards. Additionally, students who major in history will be presented with opportunities for involvement in the field of history outside of the classroom, including membership in the Phi Alpha Theta history honorary, field study, study abroad, and attendance at and submission of papers to history conferences and contests. History majors will:

  • demonstrate a workable knowledge of important facts, themes, and issues of American, European, and world history;
  • use a variety of historical sources and demonstrate competence in the techniques of source evaluation and methods of historical interpretation utilized by historians;
  • use critical thinking and analysis skills that allow for informed assessment, debate, and defense of historical issues and arguments;
  • use the skills of written and oral communication that allow for informed assessment, debate, and defense of historical issues and arguments;
  • distinguish the historical similarities and differences among different cultures/societies and across time.

For more information about the History major leading to a teaching certification, please contact the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Core Courses6 hours
Chronological Sequence Selection6 hours
Required Course Selections9 hours
Non-Western History
American History
European History
Elective Courses12-15 hours

Core Courses

Item #
Credit Hour(s)
Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Chronological Sequence Selection

Select one of the following two course sequences:

Item #
Credit Hour(s)
Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Required Course Selections

Select one course from each group:

Note: Students may count three hours from their core chronological sequence toward the required course selections. In such cases, students will take an additional three hours of elective courses to complete the remainder of the thirty-three hour requirement.

Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Elective Courses

Select twelve to fifteen additional hours in history courses.

Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Note: Students must take at least 18 hours of 300–400 level history courses to complete the major.

Total credits:


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