Spanish Minor (SPA)

The study of world languages prepares the conscientious student for graduate school, teaching, international business, the travel industry, social work, foreign missions, and work in volunteer agencies, such as the Peace Corps and Doctors without Borders. A language major or minor is also a valuable complement to other majors, such as Political Science, Business, Art, English, History, and Theatre. In addition to the Spanish major and minor, students of Spanish may wish to consider a major in International Business and Culture (IBC)or Language and International Studies (LIS). Majors, minors, and general education students reach different levels of proficiency; however, in accordance with guidelines from the Common European Framework (CEF), and more specifically with the national guidelines (5Cs) from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Spanish majors and minors at Georgetown College will:

  • Communicate with proficiency in Spanish;
  • Learn about other cultures, including their art, film, literature, history, or music; and
  • Participate in multilingual communities.

Students with two years or more of high school Spanish (level II or higher) desiring to continue in Spanish may enroll in SPA115, 102, 201 or above. Students who are uncertain about placement may contact the department chair to take the Spanish placement test. Students with fewer than two years of high school Spanish or with no previous knowledge of Spanish may register for SPA101. SPA101 credit will not be given to students who have completed two years or more (level II or higher) of high school Spanish.

For more information about the Spanish major leading to a teaching certification, please contact the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Program Contact: Professor Laura Hunt
Core Courses9 hours
Elective Courses9 hours

Core Courses

Note: Students who test out of SPA201 must complete an additional three hours of electives to reach the required 18 hours

Item #
Credit Hour(s)
Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Elective Courses

Select nine additional hours in Spanish courses at the 300-400 level.

Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Note: Minors are expected to reach an Intermediate High level in accordance with ACTFL guidelines, B2.1 in accordance with CEF.

Total credits: