Most schools of pharmacy recommend that applicants obtain a strong background in social, behavioral, chemical, mathematical, and biological sciences, as well as business. Many students that enter into a professional pharmacy program have a baccalaureate degree, although a prior degree is not required for admission. The student should consult the catalogs of pharmacy schools. The following courses are required and/or recommended: BIO111, 212, 214, 311, 305, 306; CHE111, 112, 113, 201, 202, 309, 310; ECO223; MAT111 and 125; PHY211 and 212. Georgetown College’s Pre-Pharmacy program is a transfer- preparatory program that allows students to complete three years of coursework that can qualify a student for admission into pharmacy programs. Specific course requirements for transfer to the University of Kentucky’s pharmacy program are noted on the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy’s website: Students interested in entering other pharmacy programs should consult the Pre-Health Advisor at Georgetown College. For more information about pre-pharmacy, please contact Dr. Tracy Livingston.



Non-Degree Program