International Business and Culture

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Georgetown College recognizes that business and culture are inextricably linked. Opportunities for students to participate in the global society and to engage effectively in business will be enhanced if students have studied business, language, and culture in an integrated and reflective manner.

The student who completes the International Business and Culture major will:

  • Be able to analyze problems and formulate appropriate solutions;
  • Be able to communicate ideas effectively;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic content of the functional areas of business (accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing);
  • Demonstrate understanding of global societies and world issues, particularly as related to business and commerce;
  • Communicate with proficiency in Spanish or another global language.
Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Program Contact: Professor John Henkel (WLN) & Professor Tom Cooper (BUA)


Majors and Minors


IBC319 : Foundations in Culture

This course introduces the student to the concept of culture and related theoretical questions, as well as to aspects of the European, Asian, and Hispanic cultures. May count toward Spanish major, Professional Spanish corollary major, International Business and Culture major, or Language and International Studies major.

Credit Hour(s)



JPN202, FRE/GER/SPA230, or instructor’s permission.