Data Analysis Minor (DTA)

Data Analysis is an activity at the intersection of statistics, computing, and a particular domain of application. The emphasis in the Data Analysis program is on the statistical methods that support data analysis. It may be of particular interest to students of business, finance, economics, and any of the natural or social sciences.

Program Contact: Professor Homer White
Students majoring in Mathematics may not minor in Data Analysis.
Core Courses18 hours
Elective Courses3 hours

Elective Courses

An applications course (at least three semester hours). This is a course numbered 300 or higher, in any discipline, in which the student either learns substantially new tools or methods — beyond those covered in other courses taken to satisfy minor requirements — for data analysis, or completes a substantial data analysis project. Since course content varies over time, the student’s choice of course must be approved by the Data Analysis Coordinator.

Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)
Total credits: