Theatre and Film Major (THE)

Students pursuing a major or minor in Theatre and Film engage in a two- step process of investigating both the act of aesthetic performance and the influence of performance in American and global culture. Because theatre and film synthesize all the arts and humanities, majors and minors will study the art of stage and screen acting, scenic design and stagecraft, directing for the screen and the stage, and the history of dramatic representation from Greece to the silver screen, as well as other courses in the department.

The Department of Theatre and Film offers course work and extracurricular experiences that foster an appreciation for the art and craft of theatre and film, as well as create a challenging, intellectually stimulating, professionally-based, participatory environment that encourages the creative process.

The department requires majors to:

  • know and identify the broad global history, literature, and function of theatre, including dramatic texts from various periods and cultures.
  • know and identify the broad global history and function of film, including motion pictures from various periods and cultures.
  • analyze a script from the viewpoint of a performer, designer/technician, or the director.
  • utilize basic performance and production skills in theatrical and cinematic productions.¬†
  • apply critical thinking skills that connect performances, texts, and activities to broader cultural, ethical, and historical contexts.

Students are encouraged to take part in Maskrafter productions, student productions, departmental reading hours and performances, and Alpha Psi Omega (the theatre honorary), as well as other campus organizations, such as the Georgetown College Film Club and other groups dedicated to visual and performing arts.

PROGRAM CONTACT: Visiting Assistant PROFESSOR Carly Preston
A minimum of fifteen hours must be taken at the 300-level or above.
Core Courses12 hours
Required Course Selections3 hours
Elective Courses18 hours

Core Courses

Item #
Credit Hour(s)
Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Elective Courses

Select eighteen additional hours in Theatre. ENG414 (Shakespeare) may be used as an elective.


Sub-Total Credit Hour(s)

Note: Students may not present more than six hours of practicum credit for the major.

Total credits:


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