The Academic Program

Built near the current site of Georgetown College over 200 years ago, Elijah Craig’s Royal Springs Academy centered on preparation for life in the world of that day, stressing science, Greek, and Latin. In 1841, the College’s fifth president, Howard Malcom, introduced a curriculum designed to develop “capacious views, solid judgment, self-command, right aims, conciliatory manners, genuine benevolence, and pure morality.” Today, the academic program of Georgetown College builds on those traditions and provides a preparation for life in the twenty-first century. It serves as the foundation for intellectual growth, personal development, and lifelong learning. The academic resources, special learning opportunities, and curricular offerings of the College are the primary means through which academic experiences are structured. Each student is encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the College in pursuit of individual goals and objectives, recognizing that the benefits derived are greatly dependent upon the energies invested.

The following pages provide information on the requirements for graduation, the policies governing academic life, and the opportunities available to students for the development of their academic capacity. Each student is expected to take personal responsibility for knowing and understanding these policies and expectations. Contact Academic Success, the Provost’s Office, or the Registrar’s Office with any questions or concerns.