Security Studies Minor (SST)

Security Studies is an interdisciplinary major and minor designed to give students a foundation in national and international security issues in the framework of a liberal arts education. Due to the broad spectrum of security issues, from weapons of mass destruction to cyber-warfare, environmental degradation, human security and terrorism, students are provided with some flexibility in selecting a course of study that reflects their area of interest. At the same time, all students are expected to gain fundamental knowledge in a core area of study. The major and minor provide students with several future opportunities, including graduate study, as well as government, industry, or research careers.

Students who successfully complete the major will be able to:

  • describe issues central to security studies;
  • apply understanding of historical and socioeconomic contexts to security studies;
  • communicate effectively in writing;
  • communicate effectively orally;
  • apply methods from related disciplines to security studies;
  • analyze problems central to security studies critically.
Program Contact: Professor Melissa Scheier
Core Courses24 hours

Core Courses

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Note: Topics courses, transfer courses, or other courses meeting the specifications of the major or minor may be substituted at the discretion of the program coordinator.

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