Satisfactory Academic Progress

As outlined by federal regulation, students must be matriculated in a degree program and must maintain a minimum grade point average sufficient to show satisfactory progress toward their educational objectives as outlined below:

  • 1-15 semester hours attempted: 1.6 cumulative GPA or above
  • 16-30 semester hours attempted: 1.7 cumulative GPA or above
  • 31-45 semester hours attempted: 1.8 cumulative GPA or above
  • 46-60 semester hours attempted: 1.9 cumulative GPA or above
  • 61 or more semester hours attempted: 2.0 cumulative GPA or above

Credit Hours Earned: Regardless of the number of hours attempted, a student must successfully complete and earn cumulative hours as follows:

  • First Year – 20
  • Second Year – 40
  • Third Year – 60
  • Fourth Year – 80
  • Fifth Year – 100

The above standards will be prorated for part-time students.

Repeating a course will count toward hours earned if: (1) a passing grade was received, and (2) the course had not been counted previously toward hours earned.

Review and Appeal Procedure. Students may establish an academic plan with approval of the Director of Academic Success, and with the Student Financial Planning Office. Based on approved forward-progress goals, satisfactory academic progress for financial assistance may be approved and aid re- established. The following procedure is required and is separate from academic procedures:

  • An academic plan and appeal letter should be established (as noted above) and sent to the Director of Student Financial Planning by the end of the second week of the semester in which the student’s SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) probation begins. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the institution.
  • The student’s satisfactory academic progress will be reviewed at the end of each academic/payment period to ensure forward progress is being made and academic goals are met. In the event the academic plan goal is not reached, the student will not be permitted to receive Title IV funding. The Director will review the appeal and notify the student accordingly.

Re-establishing Satisfactory Progress. To have financial assistance reinstated, students must take the hours required to bring them up to the standard at their own expense.

Appeal Process for Financial Assistance Extension. An extra term may be approved by the Student Financial Planning Office to accommodate the student who changes majors or experiences extraordinary circumstances during the regular terms. Pell Grants are limited to the first undergraduate degree and have a Lifetime Eligibility maximum mandated by the Department of Education.

Institutional scholarships and grants are limited to a maximum of eight semesters. State grants are limited to eight semesters barring a successful appeal. Course incompletes will not be counted until the course is completed and the final grade appears on the transcript in the Registrar’s Office.

Rights and Responsibilities. Students’ rights and responsibilities in financial assistance matters include the following: (1) Students have the right to inspect information in their files and to challenge any errors found therein. To challenge contents of a file, a student must file a written request with the Student Financial Planning Office; (2) Students have the right to request a review of their aid and aid amounts by the Director of Student Financial Planning; (3) Students have a responsibility to report promptly any changes in their financial, marital, or academic status, as well as any scholarship or aid funds received from any outside source; (4) Students must understand the seriousness of any loan commitments and their obligation to repay such loans and to keep the lender informed of their correct mailing addresses; (5) Students must maintain satisfactory progress as explained under Criteria for Continued Eligibility; (6) A student who receives financial assistance is responsible to refile a FAFSA each year; (7) Students have a responsibility to promptly provide any additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by either the Student Financial Planning Office or the agency to which they submit an application.