Rights and Responsibilities

Students’ rights and responsibilities in financial assistance matters include the following: (1) Students have the right to inspect information in their files and to challenge any errors found therein. To challenge contents of a file, a student must file a written request with the Student Financial Planning Office; (2) Students have the right to request a review of their aid and aid amounts by the Director of Student Financial Planning; (3) Students have a responsibility to report promptly any changes in their financial, marital, or academic status, as well as any scholarship or aid funds received from any outside source; (4) Students must understand the seriousness of any loan commitments and their obligation to repay such loans and to keep the lender informed of their correct mailing addresses; (5) Students must maintain satisfactory progress as explained under Criteria for Continued Eligibility; (6) A student who receives financial assistance is responsible to refile a FAFSA each year; (7) Students have a responsibility to promptly provide any additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by either the Student Financial Planning Office or the agency to which they submit an application.