Oxford Programs Joint BA/BTh Religion Degree

In the Joint BA/BTh Religion Degree Program, students would receive both a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion from Georgetown College and a Bachelor of Theology from Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford. Students in this program would spend three years at Georgetown and three years at Regent’s Park College. This degree program has been specifically designed for students who intend to pursue a vocation in Christian ministry, but it would also serve those who are simply interested in first-rate study of religion in its practical context.

Initial Admission to the Program: To enter this program, a student must submit (no later than January 5 of the second year at Georgetown College) an application to the Director of Oxford Programs (a copy must be sent to the Academic Policy Committee as well). After a brief interview with the Director of Oxford Programs, Religion faculty representative(s), and possibly others selected by the Oxford Programs Advisory Board, the student will receive written notification of acceptance or rejection within a week. Students must also be approved by the Academic Policy Committee. A minimum college GPA of 3.3 is required. If application is made prior to the freshman year, an ACT score of 28 or higher on the English section is strongly recommended.

Continuation in the Program: Students must maintain an overall 3.3 GPA each semester after being granted admission to the program. They must also pass a second interview with Regent’s Park College faculty members (or representatives endorsed by the Oxford Advisory Board) in the third year.

In all cases, BA/BTh Religion Dual-Degree students must:

  • Have a minimum of 96 semester hours credited at Georgetown College. (Transfer students must take a minimum of 25% of their course work at Georgetown College).
  • Satisfy the Nexus program requirement by completing six NEXUS credits per full-time semester enrolled at Georgetown College.
  • Satisfy the Georgetown College Foundations and Core requirements as outlined under Foundations and Core Program in the Catalog.
  • Complete REL360.
  • Complete a minor, second major, or 15 hours of upper-level electives in place of a minor.
  • Take no more than six hours in religion above the Foundations and Core requirements and REL360.
  • Complete no less than 9 elective hours (unless the student is completing a double major).
  • Complete a tutorial course no later than the spring semester of the second year with a grade of B or higher.
  • Complete all BTh degree requirements at Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford.

Up to 32 hours of the work completed at Regent’s Park College will transfer as religion credit to complete the major in religion at Georgetown College. If a student chooses not to complete a full three years (or its hourly equivalent) at Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford, the balance of the required hours for the religion major and overall graduation hours could be completed at Georgetown College (such students would not be required to complete 30 of their last 36 hours at Georgetown College).

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Program Contact: Professor Brad Hadaway
Total credits: