Probation and Suspension

Whenever a student’s grade point average falls below minimum scholastic standards (see Minimum Scholastic Attainment via, the student is automatically on probation. Students on probation must follow the recommendations of their advisors and may not register or earn credit for more than 16 semester hours. Students on probation may not enroll for more than one course in the May and inter (winter) terms; they may not enroll in more than two courses in a summer term. Failure to earn at least a 1.5 grade point average during any probationary semester will result in suspension.

Failure to raise the overall grade point average to the required level within two semesters will result in suspension from Georgetown College for a period of one semester. Suspensions will be for the full term of attendance, regardless of what credit may be earned before the term begins (i.e., in mini-terms). Having served the suspension, the student may apply for readmission to the Dean of Admissions, who will request a review by the Academic Policy Committee before making a decision. Applicants must write a letter addressed to the Academic Policy Committee requesting readmission to Georgetown College. In that letter, the applicants must briefly identify what they believe was the cause of the academic performance issues that led to suspension, and how they intend to address those issues if readmitted to the institution.

Within two semesters, the student must attain the overall grade point average as listed under Minimum Scholastic Attainment. Failure to do so will result in a second suspension. In rare cases, a student who has been suspended twice may appeal to the Academic Policy Committee and may be readmitted only with the strong recommendation of the faculty under whom the student has studied most recently. No credit earned by a student during suspension, either academic or social, will be honored by Georgetown College.

Students suspended for disciplinary causes shall not receive credit for courses in which they are enrolled. No credit earned by a student during either academic or social suspension will be honored by Georgetown College. The Provost, without further justification, may administratively withdraw any student who is not attending class or otherwise not demonstrating a serious academic effort.