Nexus Program

The Nexus program is a co-curricular graduation requirement designed to celebrate campus traditions, develop the campus community’s spirit, mind, and wellness, and enhance students’ career readiness. Completion of the program is required to earn a degree. Students attending Georgetown College for eight full-time semesters are required to earn a total of 48 credits. Students attending less than eight full-time semesters are required to earn a total of 6 credits per full-time semester at Georgetown College (see note below). Nexus events are divided into four categories:

  1. Tiger Traditions
  2. Spirit, Mind, and Wellness
  3. Career Readiness (a maximum of 12 credits)
  4. Flex Events (a maximum of 12 credits)

Nexus events will range from one to four credits, with the weight being based upon the level of engagement at which the student participates. No more than half of a student’s Nexus credits may be earned in the Career Readiness and Flex Event categories.

Each semester, a list of Nexus events will be posted on The Portal ( For most events, attendance will be collected during or immediately after the event. For flex events, the coordinating staff or faculty member will make a list of the participating students and forward to the Office of the Registrar. A tally of earned Nexus credits is maintained by the Office of the Registrar as a part of each student’s academic record. 

Students should plan to earn a minimum of 6 Nexus credits each semester in order to ensure timely completion of the Nexus requirement. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their own progress in meeting this graduation requirement. The Nexus requirement shall be in addition to the Foundations and Core requirements and all other degree requirements.

Note on Transfer Students and/or Students Not Completing Eight Full-Time Semesters: Students are required to complete six Nexus credits for each full-time semester at Georgetown College. For example, a student attending Georgetown College for two full-time semesters would be required to complete 12 total Nexus credits. At least 6 credits would need to be earned in the Tiger Traditions and/or Spirit, Mind, and Wellness categories.