No fixed pre-seminary curriculum is prescribed by the Association of Theological Schools. Persons who feel called to ministry should plan a strong liberal arts course of study that will prepare them for the theological seminaries. Special attention should be given to development of writing and speaking abilities and the study of world languages. Greek may be chosen as the language required for the Foundations and Core requirement. Many academic majors can help the student develop skills, enhance learning abilities, and deepen one’s understanding of the  human situation in which ministry take place. A Religion major offers the best preparation and may be coupled with a second major. Some courses are especially helpful for student ministers: Biblical Studies, Vocations, Introduction to Christian Ministries, Youth and Family Ministries, Biblical Storytelling, Ethics, and Counseling. Students are encouraged to contact the Director of Faith and Service or a professor in the Religion Department soon after arrival at Georgetown College for advice concerning such coursework and opportunities to minister in area churches. For more information about pre- seminary, please contact Dr. Sheila Klopfer.



Non-Degree Program