Medicine and Dentistry

These are professions which need individuals with a diversity of educational backgrounds and a wide variety of talents and interests. Specific pre-medicine and pre-dentistry course requirements and other qualifications for enrollment may vary somewhat from one medical or dental school to another, but all recognize the desirability of a broad education: a good foundation in the natural sciences, highly developed communication skills, and a solid background in the social sciences and humanities. The majority of students entering medical or dental school hold a bachelor’s degree, but it is possible in some cases to complete the degree requirements after enrollment in the professional school. Most students major in one of the sciences, usually biology or chemistry. It is possible to major in non-science areas, completing the necessary science courses as electives. However, since so much of medicine is derived from a scientific basis, the student who majors in a non-science field and elects the minimum number of required science courses must excel to ensure adequacy of preparation and favorable consideration of the application. The entrance tests require excellent verbal reasoning skills, so a good background in English is also advised. A student planning a career in medicine or dentistry should request an advisor from the Natural Sciences as early as possible. For more information about pre-medicine or pre-dentistry, please contact Dr. Tracy Livingston.



Non-Degree Program