Graduation Requirements

Like all institutions, Georgetown College has requirements which must be met before a degree can be awarded. Such requirements involve particular courses and curricula, majors and minors, course levels, the Nexus Program, and courses taken in residence. Advisors and administrators are committed to helping students meet these requirements and to maintaining accounts of their progress. It is the responsibility of the student, however, to be acquainted with, make progress toward, and ultimately meet all degree requirements.

To graduate, Georgetown College students must do the following:

  • Complete all the requirements of the Foundations and Core Program
  • Complete at least one academic major, including passing a comprehensive exam or its equivalent
  • Complete at least one academic minor, a second major, or a corollary major (unless completing an area or interdisciplinary major)
  • Complete at least 120 credit hours, with at least 39 credit hours in courses numbered 300 or above
  • Complete the Nexus requirement
  • Satisfy the residence requirement
  • Earn at least a 2.0 overall GPA by time of graduation.

Students are responsible for reading, understanding, and following all the policies that follow regarding the completion of these requirements.