Course Offerings

Courses numbered 100-199 are intended primarily for freshmen; 200-299 are intended primarily for sophomores; and courses numbered 300 and above are intended primarily for juniors and seniors.

Freshmen may enroll in courses numbered 300 and above only with permission of the Provost/Dean of the College. Three letter codes following course categories designate headings on class schedules and other publications. Courses are normally offered only in the semester indicated at the end of each course listing. The College reserves the right to withdraw any course for which there is insufficient enrollment.

Curricula and courses are organized as follows:

Bachelor of Arts Majors*

American Studies; Art; Communication and Media Studies; Economics; Engineering Mathematics; English or English with Creative Writing Emphasis; European Studies; History; International Business and Culture; Language and International Studies; Mathematics; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Religion; Security Studies; Sociology, Sociology with Social and Criminal Justice Concentration, or Sociology with Community Health and Sustainability Concentration; Spanish or Professional Spanish (corollary major); Sports Administration; Theatre and Film; Web Design

Bachelor of Science Majors*

Accounting; Allied Health; Biochemistry or Biochemistry ACS Certified; Biology; Biomedical Sciences; Business Administration; Certified Financial Planning; Chemistry or Chemistry ACS Certified; Elementary Education or Education (corollary major); Environmental Science; Exercise Science; Finance; Healthcare Administration; Health Science; Information Technology; Management; Marketing; Mathematics; Project Management


Accounting; Art; Asian Studies; Behavioral Neuroscience; Biology; Business Administration; Chemistry; Child Development; Christian Leadership; Classics; Communication and Media Studies; Community Health and Sustainability; Computer Science; Data Analysis; Economics; English or English with Creative Writing Emphasis; Exercise Science; French; Healthcare Administration; History; Instructional Design; Mathematics; Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Music; Philosophy; Physics; Political Science; Professional Media; Psychology; Public Health; Religion; Security Studies; Social and Criminal Justice; Sociology; Spanish; Theatre and Film; Women’s Studies

Dual Degree Programs

Engineering Arts (B.S.); Nursing Arts (B.S.); BA/BTh Religion

Pre-Professional Curricula

Athletic Training; Law; Medicine and Dentistry; Ministry; Pharmacy; Physical Therapy; Physician Assistant; Veterinary Medicine

Reserve Officer Training Program (ROTC)

Air Force ROTC; Army ROTC

*Students completing more than one major will receive the degree associated with their first major. Only one degree is awarded unless certain criteria are met. See Completion of Second Degree in the Academic Programs section for additional information.