Basic Charges

Full-time Tuition (12-18 semester hours) $20,105/semester
Additional credit above 18 hours $570/hour
Part-time tuition, up to 11 hours $1,640/hour
Only one course $1,230/hour

Inter-Term (Winter Term) Tuition

On-line $485/hour

May Term and Summer Tuition

On campus $890/hour
Off campus $485/hour
On-line $485/hour

Summer and Mini-Term Expenses. Expenses for summer and mini-terms are published each session along with the corresponding schedule of classes. Tuition and other charges for these sessions are paid in the Student Accounts Office and are due on the first day of the term.  

High School Students

$400 per course for up to 3 courses per semester


East Campus Apartment $3,150/semester
East Campus Townhouse $3,800/semester
Residence Hall Dual Occupancy $2,650/semester
Private Room $3,957.50/semester
Rucker Village/Hambrick Village Dual Occupancy $3,085/semester
Single Occupancy $3,815/semester


East Campus Apartment (7 meals per week) $1,882.50/semester
Continuous Dining (Required for all students except East Campus residents and commuters) $2,845/semester
60 Meal Block (Commuters only) $925/semester
30 Meal Block (Commuters only) $465/semester

The tuition charge covers the cost of instruction, and the comprehensive fee covers concerts, lectures, athletic events, and a subscription to The Georgetonian. Housing options require participation in a meal plan. The cafeteria serves meals seven days a week. Each student on a board plan also receives credit for use each semester in on-campus food locations other than the cafeteria.