The Army ROTC courses are primarily offered on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Select courses are offered on the Georgetown College campus as possible. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Students attend classes at the University of Kentucky (UK) while enrolling for all other courses at Georgetown College. The Military Science Program, open to both men and women, is divided into two separate courses. The basic course is designed to acquaint the student with the military and its role in American society. The advanced course is designed for those students who desire to earn a commission as a Lieutenant in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or the National Guard. For more information, visit Note that sixteen semester hours of ROTC credit can be counted toward a bachelor’s degree at Georgetown College.


Scholarships (four-, three-, and two-year) are available on a competitive basis to qualified students. These scholarships pay for tuition, all books and laboratory fees, and provide the recipient with a $200 tax-free subsistence allowance each month of the school year. Scholarship students do not automatically incur an active duty obligation.


The normal four-year program consists of the successful completion of Army ROTC coursework, which qualifies a student to be commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the United States Army. The following courses are required to complete this program: Military Science (MLS) 101, 102, 107, 211, 212, 301, 302, 320, 341, 342, 350. In addition to these courses, an alternative two-year program is also available for students who have at least two academic years remaining until graduation and have not taken the required MLS100- and 200-level courses. Interested students must attend a five-week Basic Camp conducted at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, during the summer. Successful completion of the Basic Camp enables academic juniors to enroll in MLS300-level courses and complete the pre-commission program in two years. Students who complete Basic Camp will receive a four-hour 4.0 credit. Basic Camp attendees are also eligible for two-year scholarships.

The Basic Courses (100- and 200-levels) are orientational in content and deal with U.S. military history, small unit tactics, military communication, and civil-military relations in a changing world. NO MILITARY OBLIGATION IS INCURRED BY THE COMPLETION OF THESE COURSES.

The Advanced Course (300-level) focuses on leadership, management, and command/staff responsibilities within military organizations, and prepares students for their prospective role as an officer in the United States Army. All junior and senior Advanced Army ROTC students are eligible to receive up to $400 per month up to 10 months of the school year; A MILITARY OBLIGATION IS INCURRED. Advanced Course students must attend ROTC classes at the University of Kentucky on Wednesday afternoons. In addition, students are paid approximately $750 during the summer(s) they attend and complete the Basic and/or the Advanced Camp.




Non-Degree Program