Georgetown College seeks students who will welcome a rigorous academic program and appreciate the additional life-balancing aspects of our Christian emphasis and comprehensive program of extra-curricular and leadership opportunities. Students are considered individually on the basis of their high school records, standardized test scores, and school and community achievements. Letters of recommendation or other supporting material will also be considered by the Admissions Committee if present in the student’s file. Georgetown’s Admissions staff is composed of counselors who have a desire to be of service to students and their families as they consider educational options and opportunities available to them. Georgetown College is committed to making its facilities, programs, and activities, when viewed in their entirety, readily accessible to qualified students with disabilities. The College provides reasonable accommodations for the disabilities of its qualified students. Such accommodations will be provided to qualified students as long as accommodations do not cause undue hardship for the College and/or alter the rigor of a course. Specific questions regarding access should be addressed to the Disabilities Services Coordinator.