Physics is the study of the physical universe.  In physics, students lean to solve theoretical and practical problems using fundamental principles and to effectively communicate those solutions.

The various disciplines represented within the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science are united by their reliance upon:

  • methods for discovering and demonstrating patterns, and for constructing structures that exhibit, unify, and illuminate these patterns;
  • application of these structures to model a wide variety of phenomena in mathematics and the sciences;
  • precise language as a means to express patterns and describe structures.

Accordingly, graduates of the Math/Physics/Computer Science department will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of basic content appropriate to the chosen major or minor;
  • communicate precisely and effectively on quantitative matters;
  • perform basic modeling and interpret the results in terms of the phenomena being modeled; and
  • read quantitative material, interpret correctly what has been read, and apply it correctly.


Program Contact

Associate Professor Jonathan Dickinson

Program Options

Core Courses

(11 hours required)

Elective Courses

(9 hours required)

  • Select nine additional hours among 300-400 level physics courses.

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