Philosophy studies the basic beliefs that support all of our thinking and living. These beliefs are about the nature and existence of the universe, God, persons, free will, space/time, and causality; about evidence, theory-testing, and rational judgment; and about justice, the good person, and moral education. The curriculum emphasizes the history of philosophy, as well as recent philosophical work concerning religion, science, business activity, environmental ethics, poverty, and social justice. Philosophy students will develop skills to evaluate critically what they read, to examine and to write clearly about what they believe, and to think in a cooperative way. These skills are useful in most careers and in graduate and advanced professional study. Majors often select an area of philosophy for independent study, and many students choose to double-major. The Department offers innovative tutorial courses to prepare students for study at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University.

Philosophy graduates will demonstrate:

  • a basic understanding of major western traditions in ethics;
  • a basic understanding of the history of western philosophy from the ancient world through the modern period;
  • a basic understanding of formal symbolic logic and its application to arguments in ordinary language;
  • a basic understanding of one or more areas of philosophy related to the student’s interests;
  • successful application in a major independent project of fundamental research skills related to philosophy, including synthesis and critical evaluation of arguments, clarification and critical evaluation of one’s own beliefs and values, logical argumentation, organized written and oral presentation of ideas, and critical analysis of cultural trends.

Program Type

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Contact

Professor Roger Ward

Program Options

Core Courses

(15 hours required)

Required Course Selections

(3 hours required; select one course)

Elective Courses

(12 hours required; select four courses)

Core Courses

(12 hours required)

Elective Courses

(6 hours required; select two courses)

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