Nursing Arts

Nursing Arts

Special arrangements have been made by which an undergraduate student may attend Georgetown College for three years and the University of Kentucky for two years and receive degrees from both institutions attended: a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Nursing Arts from Georgetown College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Kentucky. Students may be able to attend other schools of nursing, but no special arrangements have been made with other schools.

Students will attend Georgetown College for four full-time semesters and two part-time semesters, and the University of Kentucky for four full-time semesters and two part-time semesters. Students will be part-time in both institutions for two semesters.

Initial Admission to the Program. To be accepted into the Dual Degree Program in Nursing, all students, including transfer students, should have an ACT composite score of 21 or above and a high school grade point average of 2.75 or more. Students must also be approved by the Admissions Committee of Georgetown College.

Continuation in the Program. A student planning to pursue the dual degree program in Nursing Arts needs to contact the Georgetown College Program Coordinator by the beginning of the sophomore year.

Admission to the University of Kentucky. At the end of three full-time semesters at Georgetown College, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher for work completed at Georgetown College and at least a 3.0 grade point average in biology and chemistry. Students must have successfully completed CHE111, 112, and 113 before beginning their nursing courses at the University of Kentucky. In addition, enrollment in nursing classes requires completion of an approved certified nursing assistant program.

Because Nursing Arts is a dual-degree program with the University of Kentucky, the learning outcomes associated with this program will be assessed by both institutions. Georgetown College’s program will support the learning outcomes for the University of Kentucky BSN program by ensuring that graduates of Nursing Arts can demonstrate the ability to:

  • Integrate knowledge, skills, and values from the arts and sciences in preparation for providing humanistic, safe, quality care
  • Employ oral and written communication and inter-professional collaboration in providing safe, high quality care to improve client health outcomes
  • Understand core principles of biology and chemistry necessary for further study of nursing practice.
General Requirements.

In order to be eligible to receive a degree from Georgetown College, students must:

  • Complete 6 Nexus credits for each full-time semester at Georgetown College
  • Satisfy the Foundations and Core requirements of Georgetown College as specified for Nursing Arts*
  • Complete all requirements for the degree at the University of Kentucky

*Nursing Arts majors are required to take only ONE flagged writing class and ONE three-hour course in the Fine Arts Area of Inquiry. Majors may also obtain their Cultural Awareness flags at the University of Kentucky and are exempt from the Wellness Essential Proficiency Requirement (KHS100).

Dual degree students may choose one of the following options to participate in a Georgetown College commencement ceremony:

  • Participate in the ceremony during the student’s final semester at GC
  • Participate in the ceremony during the semester the student’s incoming class graduates
  • Participate in the ceremony during the semester the student completes both UK and GC degrees

Students must notify the Georgetown College Office of the Registrar of their preferred option two semesters before leaving GC.

Program Type

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Program Contact

Professor Rick Kopp

Program Options

Core Courses

(33 hours required)

Required Course Selections

(3 hours required; select one course)

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