The BUA department strives to prepare students to take their places in society and to thrive in whatever roles they choose. The successful student who completes the marketing major will:

  • Be able to analyze problems;
  • Be able to communicate ideas effectively in writing;
  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the functional areas of business:¬† accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing; and
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic content of marketing.

Marketing creates satisfaction by providing the tools people and organizations need to make better exchanges. The study of marketing includes examining how consumers make decisions and how to discover needs and wants as effectively as possible in an increasingly complex global environment. Because this major includes a broad base that explores all areas of business, it is good preparation for almost any career in business, as well as for graduate studyin business and related disciplines. The marketing component specifically prepares people for careers in sales and sales management, market research, and promotion/ advertising.

Program Type

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Program Contact

Professor Scott Takacs

Program Options

Core Courses

(33 hours required)

Required Course Selections

(6 hours required)

Allied Courses

(12 hours required)

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