Language and International Studies

Language and International Studies

A degree in Language and International Studies (LIS) is an interdisciplinary major, focusing students’ attention on the international scene, primarily from historical, political, socio-cultural, and economic perspectives. The degree combines studies in two different cultures and languages with studies in such areas as history, political science, art history, philosophy, world religions, and sociology. The program provides preparation for participation in internships and exchange programs abroad and builds a foundation for careers in international relations, international business, marketing, commerce, industry, government, human resources, and for graduate degrees in international law, foreign relations, diplomacy, and world language teaching.

LIS graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of global societies and world issues;
  • Communicate with proficiency (ACTFL and CEF proficiency levels vary by language — see catalog course descriptions for specific course proficiency levels) in one global language;
  • Demonstrate basic communication skills in a second global language;
  • Analyze global cultures via their languages, history, politics, art, religions, and philosophy; and
  • Integrate knowledge of diverse frames of reference to develop alternate and critical perspectives.

Study Abroad Experience: Language and International Studies majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a country where their primary language of study is spoken.

Program Type

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Contact

Professor Laura Hunt

Program Options

Core Courses

(21 hours required)


Required Course Selections

(42 hours required)


Students wishing to use German to satisfy the Language I requirement of the LIS major may be able to do so with courses abroad.

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