Health Science

Health Science

The mission of Georgetown College’s Health Science major is to advance the quality of life in our society by providing students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to plan, implement, and evaluate health programs in schools, community organizations, healthcare organizations, and worksites.

Graduates of the majors offered in the Kinesiology and Health Science department will demonstrate:

  • a basic understanding of the physiological, anatomical, and mechanical foundations of movement;
  • the skills associated with planning, implementing, and evaluating developmentally appropriate fitness programs;
  • the fundamental understanding of behavior as it applies to adherence to exercise/fitness;
  • the knowledge and skills associated with assessing emergency health conditions requiring first aid and/or CPR;
  • the knowledge and physical skills associated with health-related fitness activities; and
  • a basic understanding of research techniques and tools used in the field of kinesiology and health.

Program Type

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Program Contact

Professor Jean Kiernan

Program Options

Core Courses

(31 hours required)

Required Course Selections

(6 hours required; select two courses)

Allied Courses

(6 hours required; select one course from each group)

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