Engineering Arts

Engineering Arts

Special arrangements have been made by which an undergraduate student may attend Georgetown College for three years and the University of Kentucky for two years and receive degrees from both institutions. After completing the requirements of both institutions, the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Engineering Arts from Georgetown College and one of the following degrees from the University of Kentucky: Bachelor of Science in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Material, or Mining Engineering.

In all cases, Engineering Arts Dual Degree students must:

  • Have a minimum of ninety-six semester hours credited at Georgetown College.
  • Satisfy the Nexus program requirement.
  • Satisfy the Georgetown College Foundations and Core requirements.
  • Take at Georgetown College those courses specified from the list(s) below that correspond to the degree sought at the University of Kentucky. (Note that some of the Georgetown College Foundations and Core requirements will be satisfied by courses on these lists. The courses on these lists are chosen to satisfy requirements at the University of Kentucky.)
  • Have your final Georgetown College transcript sent to the University of Kentucky (this is part of the application process to the University of Kentucky Engineering Program, which effectively treats Georgetown College students as transfer students).
  • Pass the comprehensive exam. The chemical engineering comprehensive is in math, chemistry, and physics. All other engineering comprehensives are in math and physics.
  • Complete the chosen degree at the University of Kentucky.\
  • Have your final University of Kentucky transcript sent back to Georgetown College’s registrar’s office and apply for Georgetown College graduation.

Students matriculating to the University of Kentucky are automatically admitted to pre-engineering but will need to be admitted for engineering standing in an engineering department. The conditions for being admitted to an engineering department vary from department to department and are continually changing. The student should see an advisor involved with the engineering program for details.

Dual degree students may choose one of the following options to participate in a Georgetown College commencement ceremony:

  • Participate in the ceremony during the student’s final semester at GC
  • Participate in the ceremony during the semester the student’s incoming class graduates
  • Participate in the ceremony during the semester the student completes both UK and GC degrees

Students must notify the Georgetown College Office of the Registrar of their preferred option two semesters before leaving GC.

Students planning to finish at the University of Kentucky must take the following courses at Georgetown College to complete the Engineering Arts major. Students must complete all courses listed in the first group and those courses listed in one of the subgroups below corresponding to the desired UK degree.

Listed requirements are subject to change. See the program coordinator for updated information.

Because Engineering Arts is a dual-degree program with the University of Kentucky, the learning outcomes associated with this program will be assessed by both institutions. Students in Engineering Arts participate fully in the Foundations and Core Program at Georgetown College, and so will acquire core knowledge in a variety of areas of inquiry and will develop skills in creative and critical thinking and written communication.  Coursework specific to the Engineering Arts major develops knowledge of basic content in mathematics and science as needed for engineering applications. Georgetown College’s program will support the learning outcomes for the University of Kentucky Engineering program by ensuring that graduates of Engineering Arts can demonstrate the ability to:

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry to the field of engineering;
  • Communicate effectively;
  • Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.

Program Type

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Program Contact

Professor Homer White

Program Options

Core Courses for all Engineering Majors

(36 hours required)


University of Kentucky Chemical Engineering

(12 hours required)

University of Kentucky Civil Engineering

(13 hours required)

University of Kentucky Electrical Engineering

(10 hours required)

University of Kentucky Mechanical Engineering

(13 hours required)


Depending on the particular engineering program, there will sometimes be additional courses needed so that the student can be accepted for Engineering Standing in their chosen department. To assure a timely progression in the student’s chosen program, the student may wish to take some of these courses during the summer.

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