Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience

The Behavioral Neuroscience minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed for students with an interest in neurology from both a biological and psychological perspective. The curriculum provides foundational knowledge and practical experience related to neuroscience that can serve as an additional preparation for careers in clinical, counseling, or neuropsychology as well as for vocations in veterinary, medical, or other health-related areas. After completing a common core of classes, students specialize in either a human neuroscience or animal neuroscience track, taking upper-level courses in biology and psychology.

Upon completion of this program, students will demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in describing the structure and function of the nervous system using molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral, and computational perspectives
  • Recognition and articulation of key theoretical approaches to studying the mind and brain
  • Critical assessment of neuroscience literature
  • Development of their written and oral communication abilities, such that they can convey the essence of neuroscience to both technical and non- technical audiences.

Program Contact

Professor Rebecca Singer

Program Options

Students minoring in Behavioral Neuroscience must choose one track.


Core Courses

(14 hours required)


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