Certified athletic trainers work under the direct supervision of a licensed physician and perform a wide variety of services to the physically active population. Their core responsibilities include: 1) injury/illness prevention and recognition; 2) clinical evaluation and diagnosis of injury/illness; 3) immediate care of injury/illness; 4) treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of injury/illness; 5) organization and administration; and 6) professional responsibility.  They are employed in such settings as high schools, colleges and universities, orthopedic clinics, professional sports, industrial settings, physicians’ offices, and many other settings.

As a result of a change in the national accreditation standards for Athletic Training, certification will require a Master’s degree.  Students will complete 4 years of traditional undergraduate education at Georgetown College with an exercise science or health science major then apply to an athletic training graduate school. 

Pre-requisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, anatomy, and physiology are recommended for application to an athletic training program at the master’s level.  Programs may have other specific admission policies, and it is suggested to review those application requirements.

Students interested in athletic training should contact the Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director, Dr. Karla Francioni, for more information.


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