SPA355: Spanish for the Professions through Service Learning

About This Course

A study and practice of Spanish as related to the world of business and/or other professional activities; specifically, the health care, law enforcement, education, business, welfare, and equine fields. The course includes a 220 Service Learning component where the skills learned in class will be applied in the community. 

Course At A Glance

Credit Hours:




Course Level:


Semesters Offered:

Even Spring

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

SPA230: Intensive Grammar/Conversation

Designed to improve proficiency in all four language skills with an emphasis on grammar or conversation. ACTFL level of Intermediate-Mid. 

3 credit hours

SPA235: Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Development of reading comprehension and introduction to literary criticism through the study and discussion of literary, historical, and cultural texts. ACFTL level of Intermediate-Mid. 

or permission of Instructor.

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