SOC326: Restorative Justice

About This Course

Provides an in-depth study of the history and current processes and procedures of probation, parole, and intermediate sanctions that makes up community corrections. Specifically, this course will highlight critical issues and trends in community-based corrections, as well as evaluate the practice of community corrections nationwide. Special emphasis will be placed on exploring the development of community corrections, including probation, parole, intermediate punishments, special offenders in the community, and juvenile offenders in the community.

Course At A Glance

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Even Fall

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

SOC121: Introduction to Social and Criminal Justice

This course is an introduction to the philosophical and historical background of law enforcement agencies, processes, purposes, and functions. It includes an evaluation of law enforcement today, including current trends in social and criminal justice. This course provides an overview of crime and the criminal justice system: Police, Courts, and Correction.

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