PSY425: Brain and Behavior

About This Course

This course covers the influence of brain functioning on behavior from physiological, genetic, and evolutionary perspectives. The course will include current research and examine the impact of injury and disease/ disorder on human behavior.

Course At A Glance

Credit Hours:




Course Level:


Semesters Offered:

Spring & Fall (Even Years)

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

PSY111: General Psychology

Introduction to psychology as a science, using the empirical approach to study many areas of behavior such as motivation, emotion, perception, thinking, learning, abnormal, personality, and social.  This course satisfies an Area of Inquiry requirement for Social and Behavioral Sciences.


3 credit hours

BIO100: Science of Life

A general course designed for students other than biology or environmental science majors or minors. Laboratory.


4 credit hours

BIO111: Biological Principles

An introduction to the major themes of biology: organismal diversity, evolution and ecology, and the cellular, genetic, and metabolic basis of life. Laboratory.

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