PSY417: Developmental Disorders of Childhood

About This Course

This course is an examination of the most recent research in disorders of childhood. This class is designed as a seminar examining diagnostic categories and critical issues of child psychopathology and identifying evidence-based interventions. Readings and class materials cover diagnostic categories, causal theories of childhood disorders, and a survey of the intervention literature.

Course At A Glance

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Semesters Offered:

Odd Spring

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

PSY242: Adolescence and Adulthood

This course is designed as an overview of adolescent and adult development. Readings and class activities cover issues from adolescence through adulthood, examining research in physical, cognitive, personality, and social development. A particular emphasis of this course is an integration of biological, psychological, social, and cultural contributions to human development. This course satisfies an Area of Inquiry requirement for Social and Behavioral Sciences.


3 credit hours

PSY240: Lifespane Development

Study of human developmental processes from prenatal stages through later adulthood with an examination of the biological, psychological, social, and contextual factors influencing behavior across the lifespan.


3 credit hours

PSY340: Child Development

This course provides an overview of growth and development from conception through middle childhood. Opportunities are provided for observation in an early childhood center or participation in a service learning placement in a community organization or agency serving young children (5 hours). Special emphasis is placed on the cultural contexts of child development.

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