PSY411: Senior Capstone in Psychology

About This Course

This course is designed to guide senior Psychology majors as they examine enduring issues in psychology from the earliest beginnings in the history of psychology to contemporary research and application. Class readings, assignments, and discussions will synthesize material from previous psychology course work and facilitate the development of each student’s conceptual framework to guide his/her career or graduate school decision-making. The class will culminate in the application of theoretical  principles and empirical research findings to a senior paper where students will examine and take a position on a debatable issue within the field of psychology. The paper will be assessed by at least two psychology faculty (e.g., the professor of the course and a second departmental faculty member).

Course At A Glance

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

PSY311: Experimental Psychology

Design and interpretation of psychological experiments; advanced study in selected areas of experimental psychology.

and Senior standing, major in department

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