MAT343: Mathematical Modeling

About This Course

An introduction to the study of modeling real- world phenomena, with an emphasis on applications to science. Topics include modeling using difference equations and differential equations, simulation, and matrix modeling and Markov chains.

Course At A Glance

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Semesters Offered:

Even Spring

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

MAT125: Calculus I

A study of the derivative, its applications, and an introduction to the integral. Topics include limits, continuity, techniques of differentiation, optimization, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and indefinite integrals. 

3 credit hours

CSC115: Computer Science I

Developing algorithms to solve problems and using the computer as a means to implement algorithms and to automate tasks. The course includes the study of a modern computer language along with the programming paradigms that it represents. Topics include variables, control structures, data structures, objects and reuse of code.

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