KHS315: Epidemiology

About This Course

Covers the basic concepts and principles of epidemiology and biostatistics. Special emphasis is placed upon application of the epidemiological concepts that are presented.

Course At A Glance

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Kinesiology and Health Studies

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

MAT111: Elementary Probability and Statistics

An introductory study of statistics, including such topics as numerical and graphical descriptive statistics, sampling methods and design of studies and experiments, basic probability and the distribution of sampling statistics; and inferential procedures such as confidence intervals and tests of hypothesis. This course does not count toward a major or a minor in Mathematics.



3 credit hours

BIO100: Science of Life

A general course designed for students other than biology or environmental science majors or minors. Laboratory.


4 credit hours

BIO111: Biological Principles

An introduction to the major themes of biology: organismal diversity, evolution and ecology, and the cellular, genetic, and metabolic basis of life. Laboratory.

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