IBC319: Foundations in Culture

About This Course

This course introduces the student to the concept of culture and related theoretical questions, as well as to aspects of the European, Asian, and Hispanic cultures. May count toward Spanish major, Professional Spanish corollary major, International Business and Culture major, or Language and International Studies major.

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International Business and Culture

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

JPN202: Intermediate Japanese II

Readings from Japanese newspapers and magazines and other authentic sources will be introduced, and activities will focus on using Japanese in a variety of “real life” situations.


3 credit hours

FRE230: Intermediate French II Through Film

Continued development of listening and speaking skills. Increased emphasis on reading and writing skills and with concomitant study of more complex grammatical structures. Discussions of Francophone cultures and social issues presented in films. ACTFL level Intermediate- Mid.


3 credit hours

GER230: Intermediate German II

This course is designed to help students solidify and develop their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills through review and study of structures and an increased emphasis on vocabulary building. Through readings of authentic German “texts,” including a children’s book and feature films, students will gain an overview of the political and cultural history of twentieth-century Germany.


3 credit hours

SPA230: Intensive Grammar/Conversation

Designed to improve proficiency in all four language skills with an emphasis on grammar or conversation. ACTFL level of Intermediate-Mid. 

or permission of instructor

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