ENV402: Junior Seminar

About This Course

A topical capstone course which draws upon skills, knowledge, and experiences students have gained throughout their years of college study, particularly in biology. Emphasizes library research, scientific writing, oral presentations, discussion, and critical thinking.

Course At A Glance

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Environmental Science

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Course Prerequisites

Junior classification and completion of two of the following with a C or better


4 credit hours

BIO214: Organismal Diversity

 An introduction to the biology of multicellular organisms. Lecture topics include reproduction and early development, control of gene expression in development, homeostatic systems of plants and animals, signaling and coordination in plants and animals, and the history of multicellular life. Lab will emphasize the diversity and evolution of multicellular organisms. Laboratory. 


4 credit hours

BIO314: Evolution and Ecology

Study of populations, communities, and ecosystems, and the evolutionary forces that shape them. Laboratory. 

or permission of instructor

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