CSC405: Database Management

About This Course

This course introduces database concepts necessary to inform the choice of a database system for applications, and to construct and use a database. At least one type of database system is studied, and is used in both data analysis and web-app development settings.

Course At A Glance

Credit Hours:



Computer Science

Course Level:


Semesters Offered:

Even Spring

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

CSC303: Fundamentals of Data Computing

This course focuses on data analysis in settings where the data is so large, dispersed or messy that machine-processing is required to gather, clean and transform it into forms suitable for analysis. We also study computer-based techniques for the analysis of such data, including machine data visualization and machinelearning. Finally we consider how the practice of reproducible research and the development of interactive web-based applications can enhance communication of the results of data analysis.

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