CHE333: Physical Chemistry II Lab

About This Course

In this laboratory course, students will perform detailed measurements of density, viscosity, conductivity, and freezing point depression. A series of unknowns are identified using physical measurements, various types of spectroscopy (UV-Visible, IR, NMR, MS, Fluorescence), and known literature values. One 3-hour lab per week.

Course At A Glance

Credit Hours:




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Semesters Offered:

Odd Spring

Course Prerequisites

1 credit hours

CHE202: Organic Chemistry Lab I - Techniques and Synthesis

This is a technique-oriented course focusing on the ability to carry out standard operations in the laboratory. Content includes learning how to determine the melting and boiling points of compounds as well as purifying liquids by distillation and solids by recrystallization and sublimation. Also covered are methods of synthesizing and proving the identity of compounds, chromatographic methods of analysis, and general safety considerations.

Course Corequisites

3 credit hours

CHE332: Physical Chemistry II

Topics will include molecular spectroscopy, the properties of gases, kinetics, and chemical equilibria in solution phase reactions. The lab is optional. CHE331 and 332 may be taken in any order.

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