CHE305: Analytical Chemistry

About This Course

Qualitative and quantitative analyses dealing with both the theoretical and practical aspects of classical gravimetric and volumetric chemical techniques, spectrophotometry, chromatography, and electrochemistry are covered. This course places an emphasis on both accuracy and precision in the lab and incorporates a discussion of elementary statistics and uncertainty in measurements. Includes a 3-hour lab each week.

Course At A Glance

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Semesters Offered:

Odd Fall

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

CHE112: General Chemistry II

This course is a continuation of the material in CHE 111. It will include chemical bonding, molecular geometry, intermolecular forces, solutions, rates of reactions, equilibrium, and acid-base chemistry. Lecture only.

1 credit hours

CHE113: General Chemistry II Lab

This course involves laboratory experiences that accompany the General Chemistry II lecture. The activities are designed to develop skills in the chemistry laboratory via quantitative analysis, synthesis, molecular modeling, rates of reactions, and inorganic qualitative analysis. Practical experiments that correlate with the lecture material are designed to aid the understanding of modern chemical concepts. One 3-hour lab per week.

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