BUA454: Marketing Strategy

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Developing marketing strategy as it relates to the total business environment. Analysis and evaluation of the problems, opportunities, and ethical challenges that marketing strategists face. Emphasis is on formulating strategies through case analysis. 

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Business Administration

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

BUA326: Contemporary Marketing

Current techniques of marketing including e-commerce; addresses fundamental problems in producing, pricing, distributing and purchasing a product. 

3 credit hours

BUA348: Principles of Management

This course surveys fundamental management principles and explores their applications in specific businesssituations. The principles include all four dimensions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Prerequisites: BUA211, ECO221, and ECO223.

3 credit hours

BUA423: International Marketing

Environmental factors affecting world marketing management. Methods applied to estimate market potential and to select pricing and distribution strategies, communications to serve foreign markets, methods to serve the markets, management of marketing functions, and financing analyzed via case studies. 

and senior standing.

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