BIO423: Neurobiology

About This Course

Selected topics in the function of neurons and brain systems, with an emphasis on reading and discussion of current research literature. Topics include membrane potential and synaptic transmission, mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and memory, visual perception, and the neural basis of consciousness.  This course satisfies the senior seminar requirement for the Biology major. 

Course At A Glance

Credit Hours:




Course Level:


Semesters Offered:

Odd Spring

Course Prerequisites

2 credit hours

BIO402: Seminar I

A topical capstone course which draws upon skills, knowledge, and experiences students have gained throughout their years of college study, particularly in biology. Emphasizes library research, scientific writing, oral presentations, discussion, and critical thinking.


4 credit hours

BIO335: Genetics and Molecular Biology

Introduction to both classical and molecular genetics using microbial, plant, and animal systems. Modern recombinant DNA techniques and their applications are also discussed. Laboratory.

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