ART495: Senior Thesis

About This Course

Students completing the BA in art (with a specialization in art history or art studio) will develop skills in formal and contextual analysis, demonstrate knowledge of art history, demonstrate technical skills, and produce a capstone project that addresses art historical, curatorial, or studio contexts. The purpose of the course is to assist students in developing a portfolio and thesis. For art history majors, participation in the senior research preview and subsequent 56 research review precede enrollment in this course. During the course, the student conducts, writes, presents, and defends an original research or curatorial project that evidences skill with primary literature and current art historical or curatorial methods. A resume and an art historical statement complete the portfolio. A public presentation and an oral defense are required. For art studio majors, participation in the senior preview exhibition and subsequent portfolio review precede enrollment in this course. During the course, the student develops, exhibits, supports, and/or defends a consistent and relevant body of work based upon mature concepts and well-developed ideas relevant to his/her study. A resume, artist’s statement, thesis statement, and documentation of the exhibited work comprise the portfolio. An oral defense is required. Prerequisite and additional note: Because the course is the capstone course for the Art major, ART495 must be taken during the final semester of residence. Before admission into course, students must pass a portfolio review the semester prior to enrolling into the course.

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