ART319: 3-D Practices

About This Course

This course is an exploration of materials and techniques leading toward conceptual advancement and an investigation of personal aesthetics. The assignments in each course will range from exercises to fully developed works based in conceptual research. 3-D Practices are offered in four major fields of sculptural pursuits: Furniture making (focusing on, but not limited to, wood as a material and furniture as a medium); Metal works (a survey of fabrication practices including, but not limited to, welding, casting, and blacksmithing); Ceramics (a course that investigates clay as a medium and a conceptual context, including wheel throwing); and Performance and Installation (using the medium of the body, working with spatial relationships, and creating installation works). This course is repeatable. Prerequisite: ART119 or permission of instructor.

Course At A Glance

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Fall & Spring

Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

ART119: Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design and Ceramics

This studio course addresses the fundamental concepts of sculpture and other three-dimensional practices. Working with a variety of materials including paper, wire, metal, clay, and installation, students will have the opportunity to examine the formal elements of three-dimensional forms through hands-on experience. In this course, students will observe the work of others in the studio environment; explore a broad repertoire of media possibilities; and critically analyze works.

or permission of Instructor

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