AFS313: Aerospace Studies III

About This Course

A study of leadership with specific emphasis on the Air Force leader. Includes theoretical, professional, and communicative aspects. In addition, military justice and administrative law are discussed within the context of the military organization. Students continue to develop and refine their leadership abilities by organizing and managing a military unit, the cadet corps, which offers a wide variety of situations requiring effective leadership.

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Air Force ROTC

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Course Prerequisites

3 credit hours

AFS311: Aerospace Studies III

A study of management function with emphasis on the individual as a manager in an Air Force environment. Individual motivational and behavioral process, communication, and group dynamics are included to provide a foundation for the development of professional skills as an Air Force Officer. Students refine their leadership and managerial abilities by organizing and managing a quasi- military unit. Prerequisite: Acceptance into POC or approval of PAS.

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